The Movement Control Order enacted by the government to combat the Covid-19 pandemic has caused Malaysians to whine about how bored they would be at home. Despite being in the age of the internet in which entertainment is just a finger tip away, we still have people sneaking off to places to meet up with their friends and family.

It is obvious that convenience and entertainment indoors could drill a hole in your wallet, there are a number of brands offering promos to Malaysians to help them in their plight to #JustStayAtHome. From meals, data and entertainment, here are some companies offering promos encouraging Malaysians to stay put.

1. Astro

Source: Astro (Facebook)

First up, the entertainment subscriptions and it seems like Astro is providing some good offerings to keep Malaysians from moving about. Astro is offering complimentary movie and news channels until 31st March 2020. There are a number of good movies and television shows to watch on Astro so you can’t say that there’s nothing to do at home or that you don’t have the time to catch up on these shows or movies.

Here is a full list of all the movie channels:

  • BOO
  • HBO
  • Cinemax
  • FOX Movies
  • FOX Family Movies
  • FOX Action Movies
  • tvN Movies
  • Celestial Movies
  • Astro Citra
  • Tayangan Hebat
  • Thangathirai
  • BollyOne
  • HITS Movies
  • Celestial Classic Movies

We know that it’s also important to stay updated as well as entertained during these times so it’s best to keep an eye on the news while we’re indoors.

Source: Astro (Facebook)

Here is a full list of all the available news channels:

  • CNN
  • BBC World News
  • Sky News
  • CNBC
  • CNA
  • ABC Australia
  • Bloomberg Television
  • Al Jazeera
  • Astro Awani
  • Bernama
  • CGTN
Source: Astro 

NJOI customers will also be getting free access to four additional channels. The channels are: KIX, Nat Geo WILD, Celestial Movies, and Cartoon Network. All complimentary viewings will end on 11.59 pm on Tuesday, 31st March 2020.

Click here for more information.

Source: Astro (Facebook)

In addition to all that, they are also opening their Astro GO mobile services to all Malaysians until 31st March 2020. That means, even non-Astro subscribers would have access to 22 complimentary Astro channels and various On Demand titles via Astro GO.

Here is the full list of free channels:

  • Astro Prima
  • Astro Oasis
  • Go Shop HD RUUMA
  • Go Shop HD GAAYA
  • Astro Vaanavil
  • Makkal TV
  • Astro AEC
  • GO SHOP Chinese
  • TV Alhijrah
  • Celestial Movies
  • Celestial Classic Movies
  • CCTV4
  • Astro Xiao Tai Yan
  • Astro Awani
  • Bernama TV
  • Astro Tutor TV UPSR
  • Astro Tutor TV PT3
  • Astro Tutor TV SPM
  • Astro Arena
  • eGG
  • Cartoon Network

Click here for more information.

2. iflix

Source: iflix (Facebook)

iflix is offering free VIP access to all Malaysians and all you have to do is just use the code in the photo above and click here to redeem access. You can redeem this offer from now up till 31st March 2020 and your VIP iflix account will be active for a month.

3. Celcom

Source: Celcom (Facebook)

Celcom is offering up to three family lines at 50% off so you can stay connected with your loved ones (If you’re not stuck under the same roof as them). They are also cutting Celcom Mega Lightning and Mega Unlimited to half price, making it a viable option to shop from home.

There are also offering a number of free services for all Celcom users up till 31st March 2020. The services include:

  • Free unlimited Whatsapp (chat,video,video call) from 8am to 6pm daily.
  • Free unlimited access to Microsoft 365 from 8am – 6pm daily
  • Free browsing for the latest updates on the MOH official website
  • Free calls to Crisis Preparedness Response Centre (03-88810200) & Movement Control Order Hotline (03-88882010)

Their online services will also be available around the clock such as Celcom Life App, Celcom Online Customer Service and Celcom Online Shop. During this time, Celcom Xpax customers will also be able to enjoy 10% e-wallet cashback when they purchase reloads.

Click here for more information.

4. Digi

Source: Digi (Facebook)

During these trying times, Digi users will be able redeem 1GB worth of free data from now until 31st March 2020. Check out the Rewards section in your MyDigi app for further information.

Digi is also offering free calls to National and State Health Department hotlines across Malaysia. You would also be able to access various official websites for free without using up your Internet quota in order to get the latest updates and/or medical advise.

The list of hotlines include:

  • Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (03-88810200)(03-88810600)(03-8881700)
  • National Operations Management Centre (03-8888 2010)

For the full list of hotlines and services, click here.

5. Maxis

Source: Maxis (Facebook)

Maxis has offered a plethora of services to help its users deal with the times. They have offered some initiatives to help users personally and in their business. This is what they have on offer:


  • Free 3GB to all Maxis, Hotlink Flex and Maxis Business postpaid plans.
  • Free data usage for Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  • Free surfing on government and news sites.


  • Easy access at home via the Hotlink RED app.
  • Free 20GB with every HotlinkMU purchase.
  • Up to 30% Cashback credits with digital reloads.
  • SOS Top-up for customers in need.
  • Free internet redemptions on Hotlink RED app,

Maxis Business

  • Free 6 months on Maxis Managed UC phone system package.
  • Free 2 months on Voice Connect app.

Maxis eKelas: 

  • Free data usage for eKelas portal.
  • Click here for more information.

6. U Mobile

Source: U Mobile

U Mobile is offering its users twice the amount of data hotspot for free. You can share it members of your household or use it all for yourself cause you’re selfish like that. For more information, click here.

7. KFC

KFC is offering RM10 off your delivery order. Use the code JIMAT10 and enjoy unlimited redemptions of this code until 31 March 2020. A minimum order of RM30 applies. Only available for delivery orders made online. Order via KFC app or

8. A&W

Source: A&W(Facebook)

A&W would be able offer free deliveries for order made via GrabFood. They are also offering#StayAtHome Bundle Meals which allow you to choose from five different combo sets. These sets include their burgers, coney and chicken. Click here for more information.

9. Burger King 

Source: Burger King (Facebook)

Burger King is offering similar deals:

  • Takeaway Bundle for RM20 (takeaway or drive-thru).
  • 30% selected set meals (takeaway or drive-thru).
  • Free delivery on orders made via GrabFood or FoodPanda.

All offers are valid until 31 March 2020. Click here for more information.

10. Pizza Hut 

Source: Pizza Hut (Facebook)

Pizza Hut is offering a Buy 1 Free 1 regular pizza (delivery only) along with free delivery. Click here for more information.

11. Starbucks

Source: Starbucks (Facebook)

Starbucks is offering:

  • 30% off on all food items nationwide until 31st March 2020 (drive-thru and takeaway only).
  • Buy 1 Free 1 for selected Tall/Grande sized beverages until 1st April 2020 at selected outlets (drive-thru and takeaway only).

12. Watsons

Source: Watsons (Facebook)

Watsons stores will be open during the MCO period but there will be some incentive to shop from home as they are offering some savings. Sing up as a Watsons E-member now for only RM10 and you’ll get 2,000 Watsons points (RM10) in return. It is only valid for the first 1,000 E-members so it’s best to hurry.

Click here for more information.

We’re going to have to do our part in all this and our part is simple enough: #JustStayAtHome. That’s the only way we can combat this pandemic and go on with our lives. So, let’s utilise whatever these companies are offering from the comfort of our homes.

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