To quote Bill Gates, Covid-19 treats us all equally, regardless of culture, religion, occupation, financial situation, or how famous we are.

Recent events have reminded us on short life is and ultimately, how important our loved ones are. It is also a reminder of what is most important to do. One thing is for sure, our purpose isn’t to stock up on toilet paper guys.

2 brave Malaysians recently took to their social media to share their stories on how they discovered their health status and how they have been dealing with the situation so far.


Zulafandi Haris

For Zulafandi Haris, he was tested positive for coronavirus on 9th March after his wife had contracted the virus. The engineer stayed in Hospital Kuala Lumpur for 12 days. Both husband and wife were on ward 28 – him in room 13, while the missus in room 14.

During the duration in HKL, he shared a room with 3 other people (Tuan Haji Yazid, Ezairi, Emie) and they bonded by motivating each other frequently. A roommate’s role is actually important to remain positive in what can be a depressing environment.

According to Zulafandi, he had to get 2 negative results back-to-back in order to be discharged from thee hospital. There were apparently cases where some of the patients tested negative the first time, but positive again the next round.

Throughout the challenging ordeal, he learned a great deal on being thankful. He expressed his relief that his son did not catch the disease. Despite not being in the same hospital room, it was reassuring to know that his wife was only next door. Zulafandi is also grateful to his loved ones for taking care of their son and their neighbours for buying daily essentials.

Update (30th March):

Due to overwhelming attention from netizens online, Ms Tan wishes to remain anonymous. As such, we’ve removed her part of the Covid-19 story.

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