The Covid-19 outbreak surely has taken everyone by storm. In this case, most countries worldwide have been taking precautionary steps in blocking foreign tourists from entering. This includes Saudi Arabia.

For the uninitiated, the government has already restricted pilgrims from stepping their feet to Mecca and Madinah. Affected by the unfortunate outcome, netizens have started to call out cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat for being the main cause of the disastrous plague, and ultimately, the closure of the sacred building of Kaabah.


This believe has started after Ustaz Abu Syafiq Al-Asy’ary posted a screenshot of an article about Sajat on his Facebook page. The Muslim preacher touched on her past controversy surrounding her umrah trip.

In response to that, the “Bobo Di Mana” singer took to her Instagram stories to vent out her frustration. Sajat argued that not only the holy city was closed, but other countries in the world are currently restricting tourist access as well.

Sajat further urged Ustaz Abu Syafiq to provide solid evidence for his accusation. He claimed that the Kaabah is undergoing purification after being touched by a man in a telekung (referring to Sajat).

The 36-year-old also emphasised that she’s not the main cause of both Mecca and Madina’s closure. Enraged, Sajat further revealed her plan on meeting Ustaz Abu Syafiq in person. Her motive? To get to the bottom of this “absurd” accusation.

As at time of writing (Thursday, 19th March), Sajat has set her Instagram on private mode.

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