Malaysian celebrity Chacha Maembong is shedding some light on her viral kissing photos controversy with sister Emma and her husband Muhammad Shazli Azhar.

In an interview with HLive, the 24-year-old clarified that she’s just being herself as the youngest member among the Maembongs.

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“I admit that I’m a very spoiled child. I often act like a baby with members of my family as well as people I’m close with, including my brother-in-law. For me, it’s not wrong as the youngest sister who just got a brother-in-law to do that,” Chacha told the local gossip and entertainment show.


“My sister is already married to Shazli and we wanted to celebrate their marriage as a family. Rest assured that I’m happy with them and they have no issue with that,” the “Pesan Pada Hati” actress continued.

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Chacha further added that the photos are considered common in displaying their affection between family members . She also felt that people were making a big deal out of the issue. To each their own right?

According to her, “The photos seem normal to me. Whenever I scroll my social media feeds, almost 90% of people online do the same as well. But why when I post my pictures, a lot of people slammed me like crazy? Having said that, I’m just gonna let that slip and let the haters say whatever they want to say.”

“I won’t give further comments knowing that it’s difficult to shut the naysayers’ mouths. As a public figure, people tend to notice all the wrong-doings in our actions. So the best method is just to stay silent. There’s no need to clap back, it’s not worth the retaliation. Just keep it low-key,” Chacha concluded the chat.

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Someone will always have an opinion, so why bother…

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