Local starlet Emma Maembong officially tied the knot with her partner Muhammad Shazli Azhar last Thursday (20th February).

However, fans have shifted their attention to these viral photos of the couple with Emma’s younger sister, Chacha. In the tweet below, both Emma and Shazli were seen planting a kiss on the “Kahwin Muda” actress’ cheeks, who was in the middle on the bridal dais.

It’s believed that the images were initially posted by a Facebook account known as Makcik Bawang Channel. Apparently, those photos have since been removed as at time of writing. Perhaps the pictures have in turn sparked widespread argument from local netizens?

Most of them slammed Shazli for portraying a bad image for being too “liberal”. They further described their actions as overly excessive and against the Muslim law. For those who don’t know, Chacha and Shazli’s action are considered haram (illegal) as they’re not mahram (not related by blood) despite the fact they are in-laws.

Not only that, a few internet trolls even poked fun at Chacha, questioning on who was actually getting married; Emma or herself, accusing her of stealing the spotlight from her sister. They also left sarcastic remarks saying that the wedding package included the 24-year-old bombshell at the same time. Check out some of their comments here:


To be honest, we felt that some triggered netizens have blown this out of proportion.  Emma, Chacha and Shazli were just being affectionate towards each other. Don’t you think so?

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