Remember the time when Emma Maembong’s little sister, Chacha caused a stir when her bikini drama in Bali went viral in November last year?

After months of silence, Chacha (real name Siti Aisyah Ismail) finally came out of her hiding to clarify the whole situation. It was revealed that the identity of the girl in the video was indeed her.

Source: Instagram

“I admit that I was on a vacation trip at the time the video went viral. It was a holiday involving girls only,” Chacha said in an interview with Berita Harian. She continued by saying that she just can’t simply shut other people down from badmouthing about her.


“I’m just gonna give up. I believe this is the price I have to pay when I chose to pursue my career as a celebrity. However, this will not be an obstacle for me to be myself and do what I like,” she further added.

Source: Instagram

In addition, the 24-year-old added that she has been immune to the public’s criticisms and backlash targeted at her, as long as it doesn’t affect her career negatively. She insisted that she is being true to herself and doesn’t want to deceive people.

“It’s not like they didn’t know that I often wears revealing clothes. I’m not a two-faced person. What is shown on my account is a real side of myself. I don’t want to show that I’m a perfect person on my Instagram then act differently in public. I think the effect is much more worse for people with that kind of behaviour,” Chacha clarified, ending the chat.

Source: Instagram

To quote T-Swift: Haters are gonna hate and fakers will always gonna fake, right?

Source: Berita Harian.

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