After getting delayed for 2 years, “The New Mutants” is finally hitting theatres soon!

In conjunction with the release of a new TV spot teaser, director Josh Boone has revealed that the “X-Men” spin-off will also focus a same-sex “love story” between Rahne Sinclar aka. Wolfsbane (played by Maisie Williams) and Danielle Moonstar aka. Mirage (played by Blu Hunt).

New Mutants
Source: Pride

In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the filmmaker confirmed the queer romance, touting it as “a beautiful love story” said it forms “sort of the spine and focus of some of the character-driven stuff in the film“.


Williams also went on to elaborate it’s the mutants superpowers that help the duo form a mental and emotional link that only grows stronger over the course of the film. “Rahne and Dani have a telepathic connection in the comics, and so we just wanted to extend that in the film and put that within reality. If they really could understand each other on that level, then you’d probably end up falling in love with that person,” the “Game of Thrones” star said.

However, the 23-year-old actress wishes to make one thing clear – this relationship isn’t a gimmick. Wolfsbane and Mirage love story is “not something that is spoken about too much in the film”. Williams continued, “It’s not really a story about these two characters understanding their sexuality. It’s not centered around that and they don’t really necessarily label it. No one else does either and no one really questions it.”

Will this sit well with LGBTQ fans looking for representation on the big screen? Time will tell. It’s not the first time a Fox-Marvel movie has featured a lesbian pair though. Some of you might recall Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio’s relationship in “Deadpool 2”.


With that in mind, there’s no doubt that Wolfsbane and Mirage’s dynamic will be a sub-plot in “The New Mutants”. After all, they’re only 2 of the 5 main characters, who are trying to gain control of their powers and break out of the facility they’re being kept in.

“The New Mutants” will debut on 2nd April in Malaysia.

Sources: EW, Screen Rant.

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