If there’s one person who isn’t afraid to be 100% candid, one can always rely on Xiaxue (real name Wendy Cheng Yan Yan) to spill some scorching hot tea.

In her “Most Intense Q&A” session on YouTube, the 35-year-old Singaporean takes on 50 sensitive and personal questions. While some are thought-provoking, a few are downright ridiculous. Nevertheless, we were entertained!


During the 22-minute long video, the social influencer talks about her intimate relationship with her husband Mike Sayre. From her first sex toy and her sexual experience with Mike, to her favourite sex position (Donkey-style) and when she lost her virginity (age 16), here are some highlights:

  • The first time she and the American engineer had sex: They did it in a hotel room when he came to Singapore.
  • Secret fetish: “I guess I like a guy to be more authoritative in bed – like take the lead and a bit more strong (e.g.: Chris Hemsworth)“.
  • If Mike and her brother swapped bodies, who will she have sex with?: “I will choose to have sex with Mike, who is in my brother’s body.”
  • Would she consider having a threesome with Mike: “I cannot imagine ever liking it because if I see him with another girl, I’d get very upset and jealous. If it’s with another guy, firstly he would never agree to it. And secondly, the thought of him liking guys is a huge turn off for me.”


Besides the spicy talk, the famous online personality also revealed her disappointment in finding out she was having a boy instead of a girl. Of course, everything changed when she saw baby Dash.

The questions got a little serious when the controversial figure was asked about the worst threat she’s ever received. It was during the SMRT saga when a guy cursed Xiaxue, wishing that her family would die of car accident or cancer. Considering that Singapore is rather small, she thought that the person was seriously planning on tracking her down.

Xiaxue got emotional when recalling an episode where she fell down the stairs while carrying Dash. “I don’t know whether the curse came through… It’s probably a coincidence but that was a traumatic day for me,” she said. The mother and son toppled head down the stairs. As a result, Dash hit the back of his head and vomited several times. She was scared for Dash’s life and said that was one of her worst days.

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As aforementioned, there are a few random questions. Would she approve of Dash undergoing a sex change in the future? “No, because I know that the surgery is very dangerous. If he wants to chop off his penis, I would suggest that he can only do it after he turns 21 and he’s very very sure. I would suggest a surgery where they don’t dig a hole and just cut off the penis,” the mother-of-one said.

In watching this video, it’s interesting to note that Xiaxue’s answers were well thought out and every statement is followed with a reasoning. No doubt, her tell it like it is approach often stirs controversy, but people appreciate her honesty and for keeping it real (as evident in the comments section).


Were you surprised by any of her answers?

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