Beware guys, Nur Sajat has something to say to all her haters out there!

Enraged that not all are happy with the 35-year-old’s budding romance with her new-found “lover” Jad Issa, Sajat recently took to her Instagram to expose a number of local users who have attempted to destroy their relationship.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Sajat wrote, “OMG there are a lot of people who DM-ed my habibi (lover). They want to brak us up by exposing my real identity! For your information, my habibi doesn’t really give a damn. He knows who I am. Even his family members are familiar with me. I’m so happy because he accepts me for who I am.”


“Don’t waste your time in texting my habibi. Don’t ever try to do so because every single time he will screenshot the comments and show me what these netizens are saying about me. Rest assured that we have a completely honest relationship,” she further added.

The “Makhluk Penggoda” singer concluded by writing, “Most importantly, I’m a woman and our love is blessed between the two countries! We don’t have to entertain others.” 

Source: Instagram

However, many of her followers have come to Sajat’s defence. They even clapped back at the trolls for not minding their own business.

For those who don’t know, the lovebirds have gone public with their romance since Sajat ended her relationship with Coach Yin.

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