We are about four months away from basking in the glow of the competitive spirit that accompanies The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! As we await the 2020 Summer Olympics, SK-II STUDIO has dropped a teaser to their first-ever animated anthology series featuring top female Olympic athletes fighting against massive “kaijus” (strange beasts in Japanese) – and it looks EPIC.

In conjunction with the launch of SK-II’s Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION campaign, “VS”, an SK-II STUDIO animated series, is a groundbreaking animated series that aims to trailblaze a global conversation surrounding the unrealistic beauty standards and toxic competitions we regularly face when it comes to how we should look, act and feel to be considered “beautiful”. 

“VS” an SK-II STUDIO animated series poster featuring Simone Biles, Liu Xiang, Ishikawa Kasumi, Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo, Mahina Maeda, Hinotori Nippon, Japan Volleyball team
SK-II aims to trail blaze conversations surrounding unrealistic and toxic beauty standards through the Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION campaign and the upcoming “VS”, an SK-II STUDIO animated series.

Featuring top Olympic athletes – Simone Biles, the world’s most decorated gymnast, Liu Xiang, world-record swimmer, Ishikawa Kasumi, table tennis player and two-time Olympic medalist, badminton duo and Olympic gold medalists Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo, surfer Mahina Maeda, and the Japan Volleyball team Hinotori Nippon, the “VS” series is about challenging unrealistic beauty standards that insists us all to fit within the same restrictive mould that society finds beautiful.

And as a team of people who spent a large part of our lives struggling to fit in with Asia’s idea of how we are expected to look, feel and act to finally be considered as beautiful, we’re super thrilled to see that a prestigious beauty brand such as SK-II is doing their part in making waves to assure us that beauty is personal and never just skin-deep. 

The six Olympic athletes battle it out against massive “kaijus” in “VS” an SK-II STUDIO animated series
Featuring 6 top Olympic athletes, “VS” an SK-II STUDIO animated series explores their personal stories of navigating through unsolicited competitions in beauty

“VS”, an SK-II STUDIO animated series, launches as part of SK-II’s Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION vision that tells stories based on the Olympic athletes’ real-life experiences through six amazing animated films.

The series explores the various types of beauty ordeals that inherently turn toxic as we navigate our way through unsolicited competitions surrounding “beauty trolls, pressure, image obsession, rules, limitations and machine-like mindset”.

The trailer was released recently in NYC’s Times Square, where Simone Biles fought against a 200ft tall “kaiju” in a heroic battle that traversed across 41 billboards and teased scenes from Biles’ film within the series. It also featured the film’s theme song “Take A Look” from singer-songwriter John Legend. Talk about groundbreaking!

Simone Biles took over Times Square New York in an epic battle against “Kaijus” at the launch of “VS” an SK-II STUDIO animated series.
Simone Biles took over Times Square New York in an epic battle against “Kaijus” at the launch of “VS” an SK-II STUDIO animated series.

The trailer-drop sounds like something that would have been monumental to physically watch in the heart of the Big Apple, but the trailer on its own has already gotten us excited to soon finally be able to explore the realities of Olympic athletes in battling against unrealistic beauty ideals that affect every woman across the globe translated through this exciting animated series coming soon in April 2020.

Meaningful social issues discussed within a work of art? Sign us up!

Be the first to know once the “VS” Series drops by subscribing to SK-II’s YouTube channel. Until then, learn more about SK-II’s revolutionary campaign on the #NOCOMPETITION website.

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