Britney Spears’ son – Jayden Federline – is spilling some serious tea. The 13-year-old did an Instagram Live where he discussed his family drama.

During the session, the youngster touched on #FreeBritney, his mum contemplating on quitting music and his dislike towards his grandfather, Jamie Spears.

Source: Ace ShowBiz

The teen was asked about what it feels like having a legend as a mum, to which he casually replied, “It’s not what people would expect“. He revealed that he’s currently living with his dad Kevin Federline and is expected to meet his mum in a few weeks.


However, the shocking part came about when the topic drifted to his grandfather Jamie Spears. “Yeah, he’s a pretty good d**k, pretty f**king gay a** s**t. He can go die,” Jayden replied to a remark about Jamie. On the other hand though, Jayden seems to have a good relationship with his grandmother Lynne, calling her “literally, the best grandma in the universe“.

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Jayden also had nothing but praise for Britney’s current boyfriend Sam Asghari, saying, “I like Sam. He’s good, he’s nice… He’s a really good dude.”

Of course, longtime fans wanted to know if new music can be expected from the pop princess anytime soon. Apparently Britney told him that she might quit music but he disagrees because she “makes bank”.


When probed further about his family drama, Jayden revealed that he’ll share more if he gets 5000 followers.

Source: Ace ShowBiz.

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