Oksana Voevodina may be leaving her Muslim name Rihana behind, but she’s not done spilling more secrets about her short-lived marriage with Sultan Muhammad V. So what was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

The new mum recently made an appearance on a Russian TV where she recalled an awkward episode with the ex-King’s previous wife 2 days after they tied the knot. After staying tight-lipped on the situation, Oksana is finally revealing more.

Oksana Voevodina


The former Agong – also known as Faris – initially wanted their Islamic wedding (in June 2018) and Russian ceremony (November 2018) to kept a secret. However, the nuptials details eventually leaked out. The 28-year-old singled out the day that changed everything.

Two days later occurred the moment which changed everything. My husband was in the bathroom. His phone rang, displaying the name Bob. I was sure it was his mate or his American friend who wanted to congratulate us on the wedding. I picked up the phone and heard an hysterical female voice yelling at me: ‘I am his wife. And never dare to pick up the phone of my husband’,” Oksana recalled.

Source: Channel 1 via Daily Mail

The Russian beauty revealed that the woman on the other end of the phone was a Czech woman who identified by her Muslim, Diana Petra. “Faris came out of the bathroom and I asked what was going on. He took the phone and went into another room. He came back after a while and told me it’s his former wife who didn’t know about me and got upset,” she continued.

He also said there some questions between them about property were not sorted out yet,” Oksana added, before revealing, “Faris told me I was the only wife. And my wedding certificate was given to the first and the only wife.” Apparently, Diana even contacted Oksana’s father Andrey Gorbatenko, claiming that she was still married to Faris.

Source: Channel 1 via Daily Mail
Source: Channel 1 via Daily Mail

Oksana also confessed that the revelations of her stint in a 2013 TV reality show was also another huge factor for the divorce. The news of her having sex with a male actor in a Mexican swimming pool went viral online not long after her marriage to Sultan Muhammad V was exposed.

The former Agong stepped down from his throne in January 2019. 5 months later, he ended his marriage to Oksana using the harshest form of Islamic divorce – Triple Talak. The model insists she found out about it from the internet.

Source: Instagram

Despite revealing her son Ismail Leon‘s face to the world, the former monarch has denied that the child is his and refused a paternity test.

Source: Daily Mail.

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