Anugerah Juara Lagu 34 (AJL 34) took place over the weekend with Naim Daniel’s hit song “Sumpah” was crowned the champion song, eliminating 11 other competing songs during the prestigious event.

Not all were impressed with the results, though. Despite all the congratulatory messages received by the talented 22-year-old, some expressed their disappointment and slammed Naim for not being eligible enough to win the competition. Even Azwan Ali felt the same way as well.


The famed actor-TV host took to Twitter, claiming that he’s not familiar with Naim, “Who the heck is this fellow? I swear I don’t know him. It don’t really matter because he’s just another rubbish in our country. Creating fuss on stage for being the winner?” He even curse the “Adakah Kau Menungguku” hit maker, venting out his frustration towards the final result.

Instead of staying silent, the “Jangan Ambil Padang Kami” actor responded to the tweet by writing, “Salam Uncle Azwan, I was the JADAH who supported you during the 14th General Election (GE) back then. I realise there’s still more I have to learn in the industry. May you always be showered with God’s love. Amin.”

Naim also uploaded two screenshots of his previous Instagram posts. One of the photo shows the “Aku No. 1” star striking off his pose while holding his identification card. He pointed out his amusement and praised the spirit that was shown by Azwan when he became one of the candidates for GE back in 2018.

We really applaud Naim’s mature approach in standing up against Azwan’s malicious statement online.

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