This year’s Oscars made history when South Korean movie “Parasite” became the first foreign film to win Best Picture. The predictable acting categories didn’t really surprised anyone though.

It’s a given that the Oscar statue is the most coveted prize, but being nominated also comes with a gift bag worth more than US$225,000 (RM932, 690)! Distinctive Assets (not affiliated with the Academy) gave out goodie bags to all 20 acting nominees and the 5 male nominated directors.

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It’s the highest value we’ve ever put together,” said Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary, adding that the almost 80 items aren’t given based on need, but appreciation. “This is an acknowledgement of an amazing performance that they put in and, for many of them, a lifetime of amazing performances. So, you’re never too rich or famous to outgrow gratitude,” he said.


I only give this to the top acting and directing nominees. So, because we’re only gifting about 25 people, that means I get the most insanely priced things,” Fary was quoted as saying. “This is also a business endeavour. This is about the promotion. This is about products connecting their services and their wares with the biggest trendsetters in the world.”

If you’re just as curious as us, scroll down to check out some highlights:

1. 12-day trip for two on a luxury yacht

  • The yacht has its own helicopters, 114 cabins and a two-bedroom Owner’s Penthouse Suite.

2. Two-night luxury stay at Auberge Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico

  • Esperanza offers luxury rooms on the beach with a private pool, a butler and a chef.

3. A stay for eight guests in a Spanish lighthouse

Source: USA Today
  • The Faro Cumplida lighthouse is located in the Canary Islands.

4. Destination spa

Source: Golden Door spa
  • Visitors at Golden Door can look forward to transformative experience through wellness, fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.

5. A five-night stay in Waikiki

Source: USA Today

6. Urine collection and analysis system

Source: USA Today
  • These A-listers can now test if they’re positive drugs at home.

7. Bath bombs with 24k gold

Source: USA Today

8. One-year membership at matchmaking agency

Source: USA Today
  • Dating can also be hard for the rich and famous.

9. Projector that puts stars on the walls or ceiling

Source: USA Today
  • Celebs who want to avoid paparazzi can always enjoy staring at their house ceiling.

10. Pills to relief monthly breast pain

Source: USA Today
  • What are Brad Pitt and Joaquin Phoenix going to do with this?

In addition, the Oscar nominee’s swag bag also includes jewellery, vape pen with 24k gold finish, personal training sessions, skin care, fashion items, and more. Each bag is delivered during the week leading up to the Oscars.

Sources: Fox Business, USA Today.

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