Wait, is there a new couple alert with JJ Lin (林俊杰) and Tiffany Young (황미영)?

Fans have been shipping the Singaporean singer and former K-pop star together after they recently hung out in Taipei. The question is – is there more to their relationship than they’re revealing?

Tiffany Young
Source: Today Online

Many concert-goers were surprised to see the Girls’ Generation star in the audience during JJ’s concert at the Singapore National Stadium last month. The 38-year-old performer returned the favour last week when he showed up to support Tiffany’s “Open Hearts Eve” showcase in Taiwan on 19th January.


It’s no secret that JJ and Tiffany have been friends for some time now. The former even posted some snapshots of the Asian beauty visiting his production company JFJ Productions before her show. While a number of netizens taught they were holding hands, a closer inspection will show that Tiffany was just clasping her own hands.

False alarm 🙁

Nevertheless, don’t be too surprise if the duo release a duet in the near future. After all, they both share a mutual producer friend. Tiffany even publicly declared to JJ during her show, “Actually, I’ve been secretly practising ‘Beautiful’, your duet with G.E.M. Let’s perform it together next time when we have the chance!”

Speaking of music, JJ and fellow Singaporean songstress Stefanie Sun has just debuted a moving ballad as a tribute to frontline medical personnel battling the Wuhan virus. The new song is titled “Stay With You”. Stefanie penned the lyrics while JJ arranged and produced the music.


The song sends a message of solidarity and hope, while giving hope that “tomorrow will be clearer” and that the “coldest days will pass”.


Sources: Today Online, Asia One.

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