Aliff Aziz is at it again, y’all! Recently, a few clips of the singer-actor getting involved in yet another altercation made its way online.

The 30-year-old was seen badly beaten by some unknown individuals, before he managed to flee. It’s believed that the incident took place nearby a restaurant located in Aliff’s home country, Singapore.

“Guys, he’s fighting again. Aliff Aziz has a full tattoo at the back side of his body but he’s nothing but a weak coward,” wrote a Twitter user known as Pio_Dhurjana. He continued by writing, “He must be sent back to Jurong (Singapore). He likes to poke his nose into trouble, getting drunk and picking fights against people.”

A number of netizens have assumed that the “Sejuta Rasa Buat Adelia” was completely drunk at the time of the incident. However, not long after that, the commotion was resolved as the public came to his assistance.

Not only that, some of them have expressed their sympathy with the recent events involving Aliff. On the contrary, some have slammed the controversial figure and argued that they were not even surprised after the clip was spread online.

Looks like Aliff Aziz’s antics are getting out of control as time goes. What’s next?

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