UK native Katie Morley found herself in hot water last week following her insulting remark on our national dish nasi lemak via her Twitter. She even gave a 0/10 points for its “wickedly bad” quality.

Most recently, the Telegraph reporter posted a photo of herself enjoying a plate of the scrumptious nasi lemak on the same social media. This came following massive reactions and criticisms given by locals in response to the controversial tweet.

“Thank you to all the Malaysians for suggesting that I should try the real Nasi Lemak. You are right, it’s delicious! Nothing like that British Airways plane meal I had…” she wrote on the caption. The post has received over 3,600 likes as at time of writing (Wednesday, 22nd January).

The comments section has been flooded with words of appraisal left by netizens. Not only that, she has been also invited to come and visit our country to try other popular national food as well. Check out some of their reactions here:

We told you before, Katie. Malaysians love their food a lot. 😉

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