The best things in life are FREE, yet L-O-V-E remains one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

Don’t worry though! For both singletons and couples, we at Hype has got you covered this coming Valentine’s Day as we got Malaysian Astrologer and Tarot Queen, Sarah May Low, to help guide you in finding your #SoulMate in 2020 or to simply reignite the flames of passion with your significant other.

1. Aries ♈

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates – 21st March – 19th April

Singles – Be a master of the Law of Attraction. You attract romantic love by enjoying the moment fully. When you’re feeling confident, you’ll exude positivity and that is what makes your soul mate drawn to you.


Couples – Make fair decisions. You and your partner may have concerns about a situation or someone’s opinion, but be assured that there’s nothing to worry about! Stand your ground and the universe will help you heal. Take time to review all the details thoroughly. Forgiveness will bring peace to everyone involved.

2. Taurus ♉

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates – 20th April 20th – 20th May

Singles – It’s Coming Very Soon. There’s a difference between what you WANT versus what you NEED. Write your dream partner list and clearly decide that what you want is also what you need so that it comes to you now.

Couples – Organization and control. You and your partner’s plans are on target, and everything will flow more smoothly if together, you both add a little organization and discipline to your methods. The key to success is to allow your creativity to be gently guided by logic. Be open to asking for help from each other, an expert or even seek out a possible mentor.

3. Gemini ♊

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates – 21st May – 20th June

Singles – You’ll never know what goes on in a Gemini’s mind. They tend to put on a façade that everything is okay and they don’t care about all the drama that is around them. Deep down, they are hopeless romantics who are always dreaming about their wedding. In the very near future, you’ll encounter a person and situation that involves marriage.

Couples – The biggest lesson in Life and Love is the lesson of Letting go. Releasing the past can seem like a challenge, but it can also be liberating. The universe will help you let go so that you can fly higher than ever before. Endings always herald new beginnings. Choose to allow this situation to lead you and your partner to a more joyful life. Change your life by changing your thoughts!

4. Cancer ♋

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates – 21st June – 22nd July

Singles – Chemistry is when you touch someone’s mind and set their body on fire! Someone will be walking into your life in the next couple of months and undeniably – there would be a strong magnetic attraction.

Couples – Nostalgia and Memories can fill your heart with many emotions. It’s important to remember your past accurately, without seeing it as better or worse than it was. Remember the time when you fell in love with your partner and remember why you fell in love with your partner. Children would be an important issue, or you may need to reconnect with your own inner child.

5. Leo ♌

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates -23rd July – 22nd August

Singles – Put down your walls as it is safe for you to love. Once we’ve been hurt, it’s natural for us to not want to trust again. But a big part of love is vulnerability, you can only learn to love when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Open your heart to give and receive the highest energy of all.


Couples – Together, choose freedom. Sometimes you and your partner may feel as though your paths are blocked, but often that’s just an illusion. Both of you could free yourselves from the obstacles that you both are so focused on by choosing a different path. Turn both your thoughts away from negativity, and instead envision endless other possibilities you both might act upon.

6. Virgo ♍

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates –  23rd August  – 22nd September

Singles – Many Virgos are practical and try to have practical explanations for their own romantic feelings. Love, however, is mysterious and there will never be a practical explanation for the things we feel – we just feel. Understand that Your feelings are real and worth exploring.

Couples – This is the time to follow your heart and feel the fullness of your emotions. You may feel so compelled to nurture your partners and others that you forget to care for yourself. Flashes of intuition provide you with incredible insights. You and your partner are kind, tenderhearted, loving and trustworthy but learn to be all those towards yourself too.

7. Libra ♎

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates –  23rd September  – 22nd October

Singles – As cliché as it may sound, this year is your “True Love” year – you’ll be your own true love and you’ll find the true love that matches up to your vibration. This is the romance of a lifetime.

Couples – A happy change will be happening. The universe has heard you and your partner’s prayer and has banded together to create real and joyful changes in both your lives. Events begin to move forward, and great progress will now be possible. You may need to make some rapid decisions due to the suddenness of activity. Be confident, and trust the guidance you’ll receive.

8. Scorpio ♏

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates – 23rd Oct – 21st November

Singles – Scorpios never accepts what they see on a surface level. They want what raw, real and deep. To them, a Soul mate means when two souls entwine and become one. You may be analyzing a person right now and thinking is this the one? Yes, this is your soul mate.

Couples – A relationship is not a competition. It’s a win-win situation. There’s strength in diversity. By blending the ideas of your partner with your own, you can often come up with a solution that’s magnificent! Start by focusing on the aspects that everyone agrees upon, and then open your mind to compromise and work together. Stay balanced and seek out a moderate approach.

9. Sagittarius ♐

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates – 22nd November – 21st December

Singles – Sagittarius is the expert Flirts of the zodiac. As these fire signs get bored easily, most of the time it’s innocent and just a mental game for them. The thing about games is that you need players, Extend your lighthearted energy to others.

Couples – Forgiveness is an important part of healing. Forgive yourself, your partner and those around you for any mistakes of the past so that everyone can move forward. Grieving is a normal part of life. Ask those you love to help you move through the process quickly so that you can get back on the path to joy.

10. Capricorn ♑

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates – 22nd December – 19th January

Singles – It may be Valentine’s month but for the business-minded Capricorn, it’s
all about finances and career and maybe even making money from romantic lovebirds through their business ventures. Financial issues are a factor in your love life right now as to you, love means providing material stability for yourself, partner and future family.

Couples – Lots of Intuition and Insight happening in your relationship right now. Your intuitive abilities are very accurate right now, so you can trust your guidance to lead you in the right direction. You and your partner should follow both of your own insights over the advice of others, and don’t allow fear or worry to guide your way. It may be best to keep your secrets to yourself for now.

11. Aquarius ♒

Source: Alternativly
  • Birth Dates – 20th January – 18th February

Singles – Aquarius is known to be aloof and emotionless but when in close and intimate relationships, they tend to sacrifice and give their all to their partners and expect reciprocity – many Aquarians won’t admit it, but they have low-key codependency issues. Aquarians rely on their partner’s validation for them to feel alright and this “addiction” is affecting your romantic life. Don’t “act” selfish, learn to actually be selfish of your love, time and effort as not everybody deserves it.

Couples – Be open to success. Look at all the wonderful things you and your partner can do when you both listen to the universe guidance! Together, you both have balanced out so many different priorities and have come out winners. There will be a lot of recognition and praise headed your way, but don’t be shy. Allow others to shower you and your partner with gratitude you both deserve.

12. Pisces ♓

Source: Alternativly

Birth Dates – 18th February – 20th March

Singles – Pisceans are often guilty of falling in love with the wrong people and these two words “Unrequited Love” have probably been the keywords for your life the past few months. There’s not enough chemistry or attraction to keep this relationship going. But if you self-reflect and look closely around you, there’s someone who has been patiently waiting for you all these while!

Couples – Creativity and abundance is the main theme in your relationship this Valentine’s. You both are being called to action! As a couple, you both are ready to accomplish big things and fully come into the fullness of who you are in this relationship. It’s time for great creativity, giving birth to beloved projects, or becoming parents. Follow your passions so that abundance and prosperity manifest in this partnership.

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