In case you missed it, the world was recently shocked by the news about the criminal cases involving serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga.

The Indonesian-born student was found guilty of drugging as well as sexually assaulting up to 195 male victims after luring them to his home in Montana House, Princess Street, Manchester. As a result, he was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.

Source: Manchester Evening News

After the final verdict was released, the father of the 36-year-old has finally decided to address the news.“We accept the court’s decision. His punishment fits his wrong-doings. I don’t want to discuss the case any further,” the property tycoon told BBC Indonesia.


Interestingly, Sinaga was described as very popular by a female friend who studied with him at the University of Indonesia. “He was very sociable, friendly, easy to get along and fun to work on projects with,” commented the unnamed individual.

Another former acquaintance of him back in Manchester claimed that he would often bragged about how wealthy his family is back in his hometown. “They have a big mansion located in Jakarta. He would boast about his maids, drivers, etc,” the person told Daily Mail. He further added that his family members were unaware that he’s gay.

Source: Gempak

Not only that, it was revealed that Sinaga refused to return to Indonesia because his parents tried to set him up with a few local girls. “His parents wanted him to get married and have his own children,” he shared.

“He’s so obsessed with Spice Girls. However, he said his family never understood him and considered him as weird,” the person added in the chat. Furthermore, his friend further recalled that Sinaga “used to go on dates a lot” and would “sleep around a lot” as well.

“His family is so rich that he never worked in his entire life. Every week, he would always go out with different people,” the source told the UK news outlet. 

Source: Daily Mail

Sinaga travelled to the UK at the age of 24 back in 2007. He succeeded in finishing 4 of his Masters thesis and is currently pursuing his PhD.

Who would have taught that this intelligent and innocent-looking fellow here is actually the worst sexual predator in the UK?

Source: Mirror, Daily Mail.

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