K-pop superstar PSY (싸이) has successfully wrapped his headlining year-end concert late last month.

However, the sold-out event drew massive amount of debates among K-netizens for its alleged sexually explicit contents portrayed by the dancers.


The show depicted a dance battle session between the male and female dancers, where the “Gangnam Style” hit maker acted as the DJ. The girls stripped off their white shirts while doing their suggestive routines, before wetting themselves with water in their black bralette worn underneath the top.

As mentioned earlier, the segment generated criticism among many online. A group of Korean netizens took to an online community post titled “PSY’s Shocking Concert” that was posted yesterday (7th January) to slam the singer as well as the event.

Source: YouTube

In this case, most of them believe that the dance battle showed prejudice against the female community. They also pointed that PSY was sexually objectifying the dancers to fulfil his pleasures. Check out some of the highlighted comments here:

  • “Why do they have to dance like that in front of so many people. No, they’re not even seeing women as people…”
  • “I was seriously shocked by the photos (of their dance). If you didn’t know it was a performance, it really looks the same as porn.”
  • “Why are they dancing so provocatively? This isn’t an old video but something that’s actually happening in the present?”
  • “Wasn’t the concert’s minimum age starting at 36 years old? Wow…”

On the other hand, other fans argued that the male dancers also went shirtless and danced in an indecent manner just like the female dancers. Most of them pointed out the double standard exists in Korea, where people think it is okay for men to show off their skin while it’s considered wrong for the women.

Source: YouTube

They further claimed that these so-called conservative community was just overreacting about the performance and defended PSY for his actions. Here are some of their responses to the issue as well as the full clip of the segment below:

  • “I’m a woman: If you think this is problematic, how can you watch movies like “Moulin Rouge” or “Can Can”? There’s a sexy code in all cultures. How do you even live if you’re uncomfortable by every single thing?”
  • “If men take off their shirts and move their chests, fangirls will go mad. If women do the same and wear a bra top, people will say ‘Ew pervert’. These judgemental women are ridiculous.”
  • “Didn’t the dancers wear it because they wanted to? Why are you attacking PSY?”
  • “It was a dance battle against the male dancers, and the male dancers ripped off their shirts and danced sexily but why are you focusing on the female dancers who did the same?”
  • “Are you sure you’re not judging them with biased eyes? I saw the whole performance and it was just amazing.”

At the time of writing (Wednesday, 8th January), PSY has yet to give any statement to address the case. Probably he’s been busy managing his company, P-Nation.

Source: Koreaboo.

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