Following the recent dating news with Super Junior member Kim Heechul (김희철) last week, TWICE’s Momo (모모) surprised her fans with a hand-written letter this morning (Monday, 6th January).

The 24-year-old singer-dancer told ONCEs (TWICE fandom name) that they’ve played a very important role in her life and she felt happy interacting with them through live streaming. She further added that she is “sincerely sorry” for the sudden news about her relationship with the “Knowing Bros” star at the start of the year.


Die-hard supporters of the 9-member girl band couldn’t help but become emotional after the letters made its way online. In response, they took to Twitter to showcase their full support to the Japanese K-pop idol, along with the hashtag #WeLoveYouMomo.

In this case, many have felt that there’s no need for her to apologise since she “never disappointed” them. They also pointed that they will always stay by her side through thick and thin. Check out some of their tweets here:

Will you accept Momo’s apology?

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