Adele seems to be living her best life at the moment. But some people think otherwise.

The Grammy winner, who debuted her weight loss at Drake’s birthday last October, looked even thinner when she was photographed vacationing at a Caribbean beach.

The 31-year-old songstress wasn’t alone though. TMZ reported that 2 other British stars were also at the British territory of Anguilla – pop star Harry Styles and apparently talk-show host James Corden as well.

Adele donned a polka dot cocktail dress with a jaunty little kerchief around her neck. A side-by-side comparison showed the same fabric in the frame of a candid snapshot of Harry. Although some were surprised by their hanging out together, the spotlight was focus on Adele’s figure.

Source: Instagram

The “Hello” hitmaker has always been scrutinised for her body. While she was praised for slimming down in recent months (with her divorce from husband Simon Konecki being suggested as the catalyst of the weight loss), fans now think that she’s too thin.

Many netizens online seem to think that Adele may have loss too much weight. “She just looks way sick and unhealthy,” someone on Twitter commented. On the other hand, another wrote, “Twitter 2011-2016: ‘Adele needs to lose some weight. She’s too big and it’s unhealthy and I’m worried about her.’ Twitter 2020: ‘Adele needs to eat more. She’s too skinny and lost too much weight and it’s unhealthy and I’m worried about her.’

Source: Getty/ Instagram

Word on the street has it that Adele has been working with nutritionist Joe Wicks and celebrity Personal Trainer Dalton Wong on a strict regime of healthy eating, reformer pilates, using weights in the gym, and cutting down on sugar.

If she’s happy, who are we to say otherwise right?


Sources: Mirror, TMZ.

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