Just when everyone believed that Safiey Ilias has finally changed for the better, a blind side happens .

The 25-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur has caused another controversy thanks to his recent update on Instagram.


Safiey posted a photo of him fully dressed in female clothing, along with a lengthy caption explaining that he is aiming to make a triumphant comeback in the coming year. He also claimed that he had become a victim of betrayal, where a lot of people wanted to see him fail.

“Pray for me! No more clowned and controversial clips. I just want to highlight the good values towards the society. Correct me if I’ve ever crossed the line,” the “Syinta Gila” singer wrote. He further added that he will focus solely on his business come 2020.

Despite the inspiring caption, a lot of netizens were focused on Safiey’s choice of clothing instead. In this case, many of them slammed him for allegedly making fun of religion, with one Instagram user pointing out that the controversial figure is going back and forth with his decision.

Apart from that, some netizens have speculate that his highly publicised “journey for the better” was just a ploy for his marketing strategy. Check out some of their comments here:



Despite the ongoing condemns from netizens, some have argued that this recent post might be his old photo instead of a new one. Do you agree with their opinions?

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