It seems that this year’s Eid al-Adha was the most meaningful one for cosmetics entrepreneur, Safiey Ilias and his family.

Safiey finally kept his promise by dressing up like a man, a departure from his common appearances in a ladies’ clothing, during Hari Raya Eid al-Adha celebration. In his recent post on his Instagram account, the “Syinta Gila” singer updated a photo of him wearing a man’s Islamic jubah complete with taqiyah (kopiah) on his head.



In the post, he mentioned that last year’s Raya would be his very last ever to dress like a woman. Expressing his gratitude after keeping his promise to his parents, Safiey also described the decision as one of the biggest sacrifice in his life.

Additionally, he also asked his fans to pray for him on his journey to become a better person. The 25-year-old entrepreneur and singer added in his post that he is still seeking guidance from Allah and needs some space in order to change. Safiey also added that he does not want his decision to be drastic. Instead, he opt for slowing things down.

Source: Instagram

His fans also expressed their happiness and showered him with positive words of encouragement for him. We wish the best for Safiey on his current resolution.

Source: Rotikaya.

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