Safiey Ilias has a big announcement to make. Following reports that he is transitioning back to a man, he is finally making good on his promise to his loved ones.

These past few months, netizens have noticed a significant change in the cosmetic entrepreneur’s image. Started with his boyish hair cut, he also surprised everyone with his recent fashion choice by wearing a jubah during this year’s Eid al-Adha.

Source: Instagram

Recently, he wrote on his Instagram another update that he is set to undergo operation to remove silicone implant on his breast tomorrow (Tuesday, 27th August 2019). In the post, he added that he will be less active on social media after this and asked his fans to pray for him. Safiey also shared that his parents are with him at the moment to care for him.


Apart from that, the 25-year-old gave a sarcastic remark that he will post the picture of the implants for those who kept persisting on when he will remove them. The comment section is filled comments from his followers praising his actions and sending their well wishes that the surgery will go smoothly.

Source: Instagram

Let’s hope that the operation will go well.

Source: Hangat.

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