Yikes! It was announced recently that this year’s Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (KLSCM) – one of the biggest and much-anticipated events of 2019 – was called one of the worst marathons.

According to a research done by UK-based trainer review and media outlet known as The Sole Supplier, KLSCM has topped the list of “World’s 10 Worst Marathons”, scoring at 3.69 out of 10 points – the lowest score out of 81 marathons across the world.

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Some of the major factors that led to such low score would be due to Malaysia’s hot climate, and the air pollution as a result of the haze not long ago. Besides that, the lack of medical assistance during the event was also cited as one of the reasons for the yearly event to top the list.


Besides KLSCM, the IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon held at Delhi, India came in at 2nd place while Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon was ranked 3rd, scoring at 4 and 4.18 points respectively.

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As mentioned above, The Sole Supplier is a sports media outlet based in the United Kingdom. Some of the main points for the conduction of the survey include the weather conditions, average time spent, registration fee, as well as the altitude, room temperature and air quality.

For those who are curious, take a look at the worst 10 ranking here:

Source: The Soul Supplier

You may also check out other categories here such as Top 10 “Best Marathons” and “Fastest Marathons” here.

Source: VOCKET.

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