Yesterday (Monday, 9th December), JTBC “News Room” (뉴스룸) came out with a shocking report that members of BTS (방탄소년단) were considering on filing a lawsuit against home label Big Hit Entertainment over profit distribution as well as contractual dispute.

As a result, ARMYs have been dying of curiosity and demanded answers from the entertainment agency itself to clarify the whole situation. In response, Big Hit immediately took action and finally issued an official statement earlier today (Tuesday, 10th December).

Source: Soompi

The full statement reads:


“Hello, this is BigHit Entertainment. We want to announce our company’s stance on JTBC NewsRoom‘s report made last night at 8pm. The agency’s opinion was agreed upon by BTS members and their parents. Before we reveal our personal opinions on the matter, the agency, BTS, and the members’ parents can’t help but ask why JTBC would report this kind of news.

The contents of their reports are untrue. Currently, neither BTS nor BTS’ parents are considering taking legal actions against us. We are unsure on what exactly the reports are referring to when they claimed that there is an issue between BTS and the agency in terms of the profit division, but we are currently discussing with BTS about an issue that has no affect on our exclusive contract. If they are referring to this issue and exaggerated it to seem as if there was a dispute, then they’re far from the truth.”

Big Hit

Additionally, Big Hit further came out with a point-by-point statement to shut down the false allegations surrounding the issue. Feel free to read them here (as translated via Koreaboo and Kstarlive):

1. BTS asking for legal advice from a large law firm 

“After reading the reports, we proceeded to confirm with the BTS members and their parents. It was revealed that the parents visited a law firm located in Kangbuk 2 months ago to ask about some issues regarding the exclusive contract (video content business related information). Their visit did not proceed any further, and the law firm also did not formally give them any legal advice.

Since then, our agency and BTS have been continuing our discussion regarding the issue, but it is not true that a dispute stemmed from this issue as stated in the report. Especially, the contents in question are just one of the many projects underway between our agency and BTS. Even if a problem does arise, it is only a sub-section that cannot affect the contract as a whole.

Thus, the reports that claim BTS are preparing to take legal action with our company after a significant issue was not resolved well are completely false. Instead, they sought legal advice and are currently discussing it with our agency. JTBC reported the claims without getting all of the facts in order.


Big Hit

Additionally, our agency has always encouraged BTS and their parents to actively seek external advice from accountants, lawyers, and more about finances, settlements, and the law. This is because BTS’s value continues to grow each day, so we believe it is important for BTS as a group, or the members as individuals, to seek external opinions.

In accordance with this, our agency and BTS have an important partner relationship, and we recognise that disagreements can occur at any time. We are resolving any and all issues through active discussions and will continue to do so regardless of the level of seriousness. 

It is not true that BTS or their parents are looking to take legal actions against our agency due to limiting situations, so we demand for the answers on why such news came to light.”


2. BTS on planning to take legal action against Big Hit over profit division and contractual dispute

“BTS currently has no intentions to take legal action against their agency about profit distribution or their exclusive contract. The media wrote reports using negative terms such as ‘differences in position,’ ‘conflict,’ and more to make it seem like the agency and BTS are having a serious dispute. We would like to express deep regret over the reports that seem to be encouraging conflict.

In regards to the contract renewal signed last year, the agency and BTS went about (drafting the contract) with the acknowledgment of each other as equal partners. The process of contract renewal was not simply because of BTS’ growing value. After a lengthy discussion between the agency and BTS about their contract renewal, we proceeded with the most exemplary contract renewal in the industry.”

Big Hit

3. Other issues on connected reports and activities. 

“Immediately after the news was released, there were reports on other entertainment agencies that were unrelated to Big Hit. We deeply regret that they tried to link the agency with issues that have nothing to do with us.

JTBC made exaggerated claims without checking the facts properly. They not only tried to link the agency with completely unrelated issues, but they also showed conduct that makes us question if they are indeed a media outlet that strictly follows the journalistic code of ethics.

As if coming to the agency’s office without prior consultation and asking questions without any explanation weren’t enough, they entered the building without an access card and used footage filmed inside without permission for their broadcast. It seems as though they knew it would be problematic, as they decided to delete the footage filmed without permission before posting it online.

Source: JTBC

“We have CCTV footage of the JTBC reporter’s intrusion as well as the video used in their first report. We believe that as much as the press has the right to ‘freedom of speech,’ they need to follow proper procedures and policies when covering news. In this sense, we plan on filing a complaint regarding JTBC’s violations.

No matter what JTBC’s intentions were when reporting the claim, the reports are not true. JTBC exaggerated part of the content and reported it as if it were true, and the agency and BTS have been harmed by the reports linking us to unrelated issues. We believe that JTBC released reports without following even the most basic of procedures and demand a sincere apology and response from JTBC.”

What do you have to say about these reports concerning Big Hit?

Source: Kstarlive. / Featured Image: Soompi.

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