Popular celebrity-entrepreneur Neelofa recently shut down all the allegations that she will tie the knot sometime in 2020.

In fact, Neelofa – or known as Lofa in short – said there has not been any talks happening among her family members about the rumoured “marriage”.


“No, I’m not getting married next year! How can this issue arise? Honestly, there wasn’t any discussion involving family members (on the matter). What can I share for now is that both my brother and also my same-age cousin are getting married soon,” Lofa clarified with mStar. 

The former “Dewi Remaja” winner further added that there is no reason for her to keep her relationship hush-hush from the media. Instead, she is more than happy to share the good news to her beloved supporters, should a special someone come along.

“Maybe because of the fact that I’m already 30 this year. So, they thought that it is time for me to walk down the aisle. There is no reason for me to be so secretive when it comes to my marriage. Trust me, if there is someone special in my heart, I will definitely blast the news to everyone,” Lofa clarified, before adding, “We are not living in the old era where we have to keep our dating lives hidden. If I have plans to move on to the next phase, I will share it with everyone.” 

During the session, Lofa was also asked to address the ongoing issue between her sister Noor Nabila and Sharnaaz Ahmad. For those who don’t know, the “MeleTOP” host has been very vocal in voicing out her opinions about their relationship – both online as well as on live TV.

In this case, Lofa (full name Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor) has felt that it is not fair to accuse her of regularly interfering in the couple’s marital affairs. “I think it is unfair for everyone to accuse my family of getting involved in Nabila’s business. She is my sister and also my mother’s daughter,” she said during the chat.

Lofa further added that “his family members have probably taken to their social media to express their opinions (on the issue). So it is not relevant to just point fingers on one side only because we’re both voicing out and supporting our loved one.”


But she did not deny that she is disappointed with Sharnaaz’s action to prolong their dispute by refusing to divorce Nabila. “As a sister, of course I think the current situation is difficult for her to endure. I really feel sorry for her, as I feel like this issue should have been settled easily and concisely, but for some reason it has became more complicated,” Lofa added.

Lofa concluded by assuring that she will give her full support to her elder sister no matter what will happen in the future. “We are very supportive to each other. Not just me, but the whole members of the family as well. All I can say is, Nabila is happy now. She has moved on with her life and we all love Jebat (Nabila’s son with Sharnaaz),” shared Lofa.


Lofa was seen during the launch of her premium collaboration project with Italian footwear brand Giuseppe Zanotti held at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur yesterday (Thursday, 28th November).

Source: mStar (1)(2).

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