The ongoing drama between Sharnaz Ahmad and Noor Nabila has yet to reach a mutual solution.

The court decided yesterday (Wednesday, 6th November) to re-open the case on 4th December and appoint a hakam (arbitrator) for both the husband and wife. The decision took place in a close proceeding of the case that was held in Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Kuala Lumpur.

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For those who don’t know, hakam is a process where the court has the power to elect anyone from the relatives of both parties that have knowledge on the ongoing issues and circumstances involved. In other words, the role of the hakam is to assist in resolving the dispute happening between the opposing sides.


Syarie Judge Ahmad Muttaqi Ismail has made the decision to set the date after both Sharnaaz and Nabila failed to reach a solution to resolve their domestic problems in their previously-elected Jawatankuasa Pendamai (Conciliatory Committee) (JKP).

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According to Sharnaaz’s lawyer, Datuk Akberdin Abdul Kadir, the former flames are currently searching for the best way to reach a consensus. “The court has fixed that they will appoint a hakam in order to find the best way to end the dispute. We have a legal provision to refer this case to the arbitrator. In this case, both have their own reasons. If there is still no solution found, both have the right to take their case to the next level – by appointing hakam,” said Akberdin in the interview.

In the meantime, the “Cinta Bukan Kristal” actor expressed his gratitude that everything was running smoothly as planned. However, the 34-year-old declined to give further comments regarding the case. Instead, he said that he will “leave it to the lawyer to handle everything.”  

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Prior to this, Sharnaaz has filed a nusyuz (disobedient) application against the elder sister of popular celebrity Neelofa for the sake of saving their marriage. In this case, the next court session is also set on the same day next month to propose the matter.

Source: mStar.

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