Uh-oh! It seems like Neelofa’s not happy with what her elder sister, Noor Nabila is going through at the moment.

The famous celebrity-entrepreneur recently posted some updates to her fans with a series of statements on her social media – which fans believed are directed to Nabila’s husband, Sharnaaz Ahmad.


Neelofa – or known as Lofa in short – posted a string of online status on her Twitter account, “I just watched the best ‘drama’ ever’. Guess who’s the actor? You killed it!” the 30-year-old actress wrote, before adding, “Now, the award for best actor goes to..”

Lofa’s posts has generated massive buzz among local netizens. Most of them believed that the “actor” she is referring to is none other than Sharnaaz.

The “MeleTOP” TV host further added in her recent tweet, “I hardly share about what I feel… Mmm it’s getting a bit too much now”, along with a photo of a quote that reads, “We all know someone who speaks fluent shit.”

In response to Neelofa’s posts online, the “Darah Panas” actor seems to be unbothered to give further comments, “I have no idea. Most probably it’s Tom Hanks I suppose,” said Sharnaaz in an interview with Harian Metro.

For those who might not know, Neelofa is currently in New York for the fashion week.

Source: Gempak.

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