In conjunction with Black Friday this week, llaollao Malaysia will serving a new flavour.

After dropping some teasers, the dessert franchise finally unveiled the mysterious flavour –  it’s the Black Charcoal Froyo! This is quite a big deal since llaollao rarely introduces new flavours.


The Black Charcoal Froyo poster on llaollao’s social media is pictured against a black background with the debut date 29th November 2019 plastered beside it on the right side. Some initially assumed it was going to be a chocolate flavour. This turned out to be a nice surprise, no?

Here’s a sad part: llaollao’s Black Charcoal Froyo will only be available for 1 day only. It will be priced as the original flavour so foodies will pay according to the size purchased. The new yogurt flavour will be sold at all outlets nationwide so be sure to get yours this Friday.

Hopefully it’s as good as the other Black Charcoal desserts we’ve tried before.

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