There comes a time in every Malaysian’s lives where they need to choose between science streams or art streams. But this choice can be very restrictive and might not be able to grasp the actual talent and ability of students.

Well, worry no more as new reports from NST has announced that the two streams will be scrapped by 2020. According to Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching, the new system replacing it will have more relevant subjects, including electives.

Source: Malay Mail

For everybody in the know, the news have actually been floating around the education ministry for quite some time. But, while previous reports have all been proposal and ideas. It seems that they finally got it approved with letters about the changes being sent to secondary schools nationwide.


The changes in the system will see that old art/science streams be replaced with the new STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Arts, Music) education. And to help schools cope with the changes, the letters that was send to them contain information on ways to encourage, evaluate and explain about the new subjects to students.

Source: Rojak Daily

But not all schools have the ability to implement this changes effectively, particularly, those located on the poorer areas. Thus, special care and patients is needed for these schools as recognised by Teo.

“This (the abolition of arts and science for Form 4 students) needs to be done according to the capabilities, availability, suitability (facilities/infrastructure), as well as considerations of each school,” she was quoted as saying.

Source: Facebook

So while it might be too late for those of us that have already passed form four. This might prove to be a wonderful opportunity for the newer generations to showcase their talent.

Source: NST.

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