Twitter Goes Wild As Couple’s Proposal In KFC Becomes Viral


A proposal at a KFC outlet in South Africa had Twitter going mad, with the #KFCProposal becoming a trending topic.

In the video posted by the official South Africa KFC branch. It shows a man kneeling down and presenting a diamond ring to his partner midway through their fried chicken. The proposal was so cute, that KFC even started a hunt for the lovely couple.

The couple were later identified as Bhut’ Hector and Nonhlanhla. They became an immediate overnight sensation after the video had gone viral. The tweet with the video clip currently has around 24 thousand retweet and almost 72 thousand likes.

The madness did not stopped there, as many netizens started popping up, offering help for the big day. This included accommodation, honeymoon gifts and more. And it did not take long before several companies pick up on the trend and started throwing in gifts of their own.

Check out some of the companies offering their services below:

Source: Twitter

The duo later spoke to Sowetan Live, thanking the public for their support, “Thank you South Africa. Your kindness has truly warmed us. We would have never imagined that our love story would have touched so many of you,” The African couple said.

The two have also stated that they first fell in love in 2010. The adorable pair originally got married in 2012, but the groom was unsatisfied with the ring he bought at the time. Thus, resulting in this proposal when he finally got a better ring.

Sources: BBC, Sowetan Live.