Recently, a viral photo from the so-called “latest” photos of former Too Phat member Malique has caused a massive commotion among local netizens.

Initially, the photos were shared exclusively on the 42-year-old’s fan page on Facebook. However, the photos were then spread online to other social medias including Twitter.

Source: Iluminasi

Despite the fans’ excitement, it was revealed that Malique is not really happy with the recent news. We believe that the rapper has been enjoying his private life with his family outside the limelight. Aside from the occasional music collaboration, the artist has remain under the radar ever since he parted ways with Joe Flizzow.


Kmy Kmo – one of the artistes signed under Malique’s label – recently took to Twitter to address the issue. According to him, the viral photos were not taken at the same time. He further claimed that both of the photos were taken last year.

Then why is Malique staying mum and avoiding from making any public statement? In this case, Saiful Saaid – one of the “Pejamkan Mata” rapper’s longtime worker – has the answer. “There is a reason why Malique refuses to make a comeback. One of them is simply because he is not really keen on having the spotlight on his personal life. He just wants everyone to focus on his music only,” Saiful told VOCKET.

The same thing goes for his everyday life. If the work does not require him to leave his house, he will send a representative to complete the task. For those who have been missing the rapper, check out some of his hit songs here:


We hope people can be more respectful towards Malique’s decision to keep his personal life private.

Source: VOCKET. Featured Image: Iluminasi.

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