Malaysian rapper Malique’s “disapparance” from the local entertainment scene remains a hot topic among local fans even after so long. Some have even speculated that he’s no longer around.

Recently, a Facebook update posted by Mohd Zubaidi, showing 2 photos of Malique, went viral online. According to the user, he took the supposed “latest” pictures of Malique – who was also known as Mr. General – from another group on the same social media platform.

Source: Facebook

Based on the photos above, Malique can be seen talking to an unknown man. Another blurry photo shows him in the airport with his family members, including wifey Melissa Maureen. However, the latter photo was taken from afar.


The post has received widespread reactions from netizens, questioning the truth behind the photo. In this case, some of them argued that the individual pictured is indeed Malique. On the other hand, some claime that the viral photo was taken a long time ago.

Some even commented that they often met the “Pejamkan Mata” rapper in person whenever he sends his children to school and he is currently doing well. Check out some of their comments here:

Source: Murai

Malique found mainstream fame as a member of local hip-hop duo Too Phat with Joe Flizzow back in 1999. They have released 4 studio albums before deciding to call it quits in 2005. Despite the disbandment, the 42-year-old is still active in producing music. He has even taken part in collaboration singles with renowned local artistes including M. Nasir, Jamal Abdillah, Black and Dayang Nurfaizah.

His last “public” appearance would be the performance of “Pejamkan Mata” – his collab project with Dayang – during the 2017 Anugerah MeleTOP ERA (AME). Whether his attendance in this event was a gimmick or the other way around, at least fans got the chance to see him back on stage performing the hit song.

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