Michael Bublé and Christmas songs – can you even named a more iconic duo? Robbie Williams is coming for the Mr Christmas title though as he’s set to release his very own Christmas album this coming November.

While it been something of a Christmas tradition, with Bublé’s songs blasting inside our favourite malls and in our homes, Williams aims change all that.


The Brit is aiming to be the new face of our festive cheers with his very first Christmas album titled “The Christmas Present”. The announcement was first made in a Swedish bar in London last week, with him later taking the announcement to YouTube.

Not only that, according to NME, during a recent Q&A session with Scott Mills, the former Take That singer gave his thoughts in regard to the new project. “You’re always looking for a reason to go into the studio,” he told Mills. “And I thought: ‘Why don’t I own birthdays like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder? Or New Year’s Day like… U2?”  he continued.

When asked about Bublé, who seems to always dominate the festive cheers, William responded, saying, “This album was gonna be called ‘Achtung Buble’, I f**king love Michael, but it must stop. It must end now.”

In any case, the “Angels” singer is certainly giving it his all, with the album boasting 28 tracks and a host of collaborations with top named artist which includes the likes of Sir Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams and Jamie Cullum. The album is set to release on 22nd November.

Sources: Metro, NME.

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