“Nights Of Fright” is back at Sunway Lagoon, and this time they are pulling all the punches in making this one, the best yet.

Now on their 7th consecutive year, the yearly event has become a staple for thrill seekers and horror fans alike. Fortunately enough, last Friday was their media day, and team Hype got to experience it firsthand. We’re excited to bring you all the news about the creepy and crawly and what to look out for beforehand.


1. The Rules

Before we get started, here are some ground rules that you might want to follow when you enter this event.

  • The minimum age for the event is 13 years old and above, so remember to keep the kids safe at home.
  • No costumes, full-face paint and mask, we wouldn’t want people to confuse you with the real monsters do we?
  • No touching the scary actors and actresses, remember if you don’t touch them they won’t touch you.
  • No photography or video recording in the haunted event, nobody likes a spoiler.
  • No outside drink and foods allowed in the event and haunted attractions. Let the monsters and ghost be the only things to worry about.
  • No re-entry allowed, so make sure you enjoy all that you can before you exit.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • No refund due to inclement of weather.

2. 9 Haunted Attractions

Now with the rules out of the way, we can finally start with the main attraction. As said beforehand, this is the biggest “Nights Of Fright” ever with 9 haunted attractions build from the ground up, with one more than past events, just to keep up with the demands. So here are our thoughts and highlights of the event.

I. Sharknado Alive!

A lot has been said for Sunway’s newest movie theme attraction and a lot of effort was made to sell it, and it shows. Even the idea itself, a theme attraction about the horror/comedy movie about sharks and tornados was simply an absurd idea on why something like this was even made.

Is the idea absurd? Yes. Was the movie ridiculous? Absolutely. But we were completely sold by the craziness of it all, with the amazing visuals, great workers, impressive gimmick and sharks, this was certainly the surprise of the event.

II. Amazing Workers


Often times in events like this, the most common of workers are almost always ignored. Though this might be hard with most of the them charging towards you (they won’t bite, sorta), we here at Hype would like to give praise to the costume designers and hard workers at the event.

III. Animalium

Probably the most frightening event we got to attend all night (personal bias anyway), was being lead through a claustrophobic maze of cages filled with deranged humanoid animals. It was certainly heart racing. The atmosphere and the acting commitment of this attraction site certainly makes it one of the best out there.

IV. Scare Zones

Hold tight to your snacks and hold back on your scream, as the bright (or dark minds) of Sunway have set up scare zones in between attraction within the event. So if you wish to enter Horrorwood Studios from the Sharknado Alive attraction, be prepared to face a group of monsters ready to give you a good scare.

V. Scary Tales Theater “Bomoh”

As long as we can remember, the Night Of Fright event always has a film ready to be aired at their theaters. This year was no different, with this year’s addition filmed entirely on site – “Bomoh”.

3. Things To Remember

Please note that this is an (mostly) open air event. So even though most of the attraction will be air-conditioned, you’ll have power through the humid air while waiting in line. Do wear comfortable shoes cause you’ll be doing a lot of walking and waiting in lines throughout the night.

So grab your tickets before the event ends on 3rd November, the event will be running throughout the month on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For more info, click here.

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