Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) and her love child with Jackie Chan – Etta Ng (吳卓林) – have often made headlines for their rocky relationship.

5 months ago, Elaine even went as far as to publicly disowned her daughter on social media (presumably after a heated argument). It looks like the mother-daughter duo are finally on talking terms again.

Source: Apple Daily

In conjunction with her 46th birthday on Monday (23rd September), Elaine was asked if she celebrated the occasion with her child. “She has gone out for a meal with me recently, but it was not to celebrate my birthday. Birthdays can be celebrated every day if needed, and I have not celebrated mine after turning 18 years old,” the actress said.


These days, both Elaine and Etta have apparently made progress and improved their relationship. Now that they are aware of each other’s boundaries, the pair know what topics not to bring up when talking to one another. “It used to be a parent-child relationship, but it is now one between friends,” she added.

Source: Sohu

Elaine admitted that she sometimes looses her temper and has used some pretty strong words towards Etta in the heat of an argument.

Meanwhile, we also learn that Etta and her beau Andi Autumn have separated after they deleted each other’s photos from their respective social media. No word yet if they’re still on talking terms though.

Source: Strait Times.

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