Things aren’t exactly looking good for Etta Ng (吳卓林).

After her mum Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) publicly disowned her on social media, it appears that Andi Autumn is also not in good terms with Etta. Is their 6-month marriage currently on the rocks?

Source: Instagram

Etta and Andi’s relationship became a trending hot topic again after the latter reportedly took to Instagram stories to post a lengthy vent about someone (presumably Etta). In her post, she wrote:


I hate that I inspire you still because you still don’t get it, girl. Wish you the best, but you’re not even trying to be yourself. Do you even have a self?

“What will you have left? I’ve had everything ripped from under me when I was homeless, but my heart kept me grounded, so I found my way. Get a clue what kind (of person) you are. You call yourself pigs but don’t you want to fly like us birds? Take a leap of positivity and stop following me for answers.”

Source: Google Images

The 31-year-old Instagram star concluded her post by saying, “I’m sending love, but leave me alone now. Say goodbye finally OK? You can do it!!

Source: Jayne Stars.

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