If there is 1 thing that would unite us all as Malaysians – it would be FOOD. It’s because Malaysian food is not just any food. It also can be considered as our culture and our pride. As Malaysians, we should be proud of the variety of our local delicacies.

In conjunction with our Independence Month this year, a petition known as #BersatuForMakan was established by local radio station BFM 89.9. The petition aims to gain our local citizens’ support to raise awareness so that Netflix will feature Malaysian foods as well in their Street Food Series.

Source: BFM89.9, change.org

For those who might not know, the upcoming documentary includes various treats you can see by the streets of various countries worldwide. Some of the countries that are involved in the project include India, Taiwan, South Korea and also Singapore. The absence of our country on the list is unfortunate as they feel like Netflix has missed out Malaysia’s uniqueness when it comes to local foods.


To support the act, a promotional video entitled “Jemput Makan Netflix” – featuring “Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan” host Naz Rahman – is now available online. Check out the video below:

Therefore, in support for this movement, we need your help by signing this petition by simply click here.

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