Safiey Ilias recently shared with his fans about his latest updates, after his successful surgery to remove silicone implant on both of his breasts on Monday (23rd August 2019).

On his recent post in his Instagram account, the cosmetics entrepreneur was pictured beside his mother. He wrote in the caption that his mother is happy that her son is finally back. He additionally revealed that his mother didn’t eat because she was worried about the operation.

Source: Instagram

Safiey explained before that it was his decision to remove the implant due to his father’s request. He also expressed his concerns on what will happen to him when he dies someday. Besides that, he shared that some of his friends attempted to stop him from proceeding with the surgery, but he persisted in going through it for the sake of Allah and his parents.


The “Apa Salah Syinta” singer also gave another update to his fans in a form of a video. It was an Instagram story of him showing off his chest being covered with medical wrap to update his followers on the after-effect of the surgery.

Source: Instagram via Media Hiburan

Hope you will recover soon, Safiey!

Sources: Media Hiburan,

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