The Internet went nuts when the news that Aazief Khalid ending his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, social media influencer Tyra Kamaruzzaman, came out in June.

However, the 20-year-old stepson of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza recently received yet another spotlight when a photo of him sitting “too close” with fellow insta-famous Sharifah Rose went viral yesterday. The picture was posted on Sharifah Rose’s Instagram story, before it was spread all over Twitter.

Source: Twitter/Media Hiburan

Local netizens took it the hard way when the photo came out online. While some called her out for wrecking Aazief’s relationship with Tyra, others started name-calling her “attention seeker” and even made fun of her being friend-zoned.


For those who might not know, Sharifah Rose was linked to a few names in the local industry, including singer Ismail Izzani, up-and-coming YouTube star Kucaimars, and also fellow influencer Imran Aqil.

As a response to the issue, the hijabi model took to Twitter to clarify the whole situation. Sharifah told her fans and followers that both Aazief and her are just friends, and nothing beyond than that. She also assured netizens that she knows her life better than anyone else does – intending to shut the people down. She even posted a few series of tweets as a counter attack towards the people who bashed her online for the sake of popularity.

It’s sure hard being under the spotlight. People would tend to find the wrong instead of something positive.

Source: Media Hiburan.

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