Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik recently received nationwide backlash following his racist statement – when he suggested that Malaysians should ask the “old guest” (Malaysian-Chinese) to leave first before even thinking of deporting the “new guest” (himself). The controversial statement went viral among local cybernauts and even politicians.

Yesterday, Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow took to his Instagram stories to share with his fans about his opinions regarding the on-going issue. In the post, he called Zakir Naik out, and warned him against spreading negative vibes among fellow citizens.

Source: Instagram Story

The “Apa Khabar” singer further added that all kinds of people can be friends – from the naughtiest student in school and the head prefect, and even politicians and a rapper – referring to his friendship with YB Hannah Yeoh, current Member of Parliament for Segambut constituency.


In addition to that, Flizzow also posted a screenshot of his WhatsApp chat with YB Hannah. In the conversation, he shared a screenshot of a Tweet by a netizen, who claimed Subang Jaya as his hometown, with the former Too Phat member as the president. YB Hannah, a fellow Subang Jaya-born herself, also responded to their exchange.

Check out her surprising reaction below:


Both Flizzow and YB Hannah’s humourous interaction online proves that Malaysians are still united as one, despite all the different cultural values and practices.

Let’s leave no room for hatred.

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