Priyanka Chopra can’t seem to catch a break, can she?

Following the recent drama at the BeautyCon summit in Los Angeles where a Pakistani-American woman called Chopra a hypocrite for encouraging nuclear war despite being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, another matter has angered more people.

Source: Twitter

Someone recently brought up a 2015 interview that the “Quantico” did with Los Angeles Times. A Twitter user called her “the brown version of Scarlett Johansson” for wanting to portray Mexican and Spanish girls onscreen because she’s “brown”.


It annoys me that people think all Mexicans are brown like have they never gone to Mexico or what… surprise… we have colored eyes too!” @ivorycristina wrote. “Playing a Spanish/Mexican woman requires more than learning the language. It’s the lived experiences that someone like Chopra won’t be able to relate to. How can she play a Spanish/Mexican woman authentically when she couldn’t even relate to their experiences?” @sam_h786 chimed in.


Despite a number of opinionated netizens disagreeing with the 37-year-old actress’ point of view. There are also others who defended her. “Honestly I don’t understand why people are mad… I mean, in general Mexican people aren’t 100% white, so it’s okay. I think it’s impossible to choose an actors from every country, if she looks like the character and she is able to act, she should get the role,” @LeonGrande_ commented.

What do you think? Are people blowing this race issue out of proportion?

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