We’re pretty sure that the Internet community is already aware of the video of a young girl involved with an altercation with a woman at a Ninso convenience store in Batu Pahat, Johor last week.

The 1-minute video caught the attention of netizens who defended the girl for standing up for her rights against the female customer. On the other hand, some also criticised her for being rude towards the woman. As of today (14th August 2019), the video has received over 1.2 million views on Twitter.

Source: Twitter

The girl, who works there as a cashier, recently came up with a series of statement on her personal Twitter account, explaining the whole situation in details.

It’s believed that the incident started when the girl was serving another customer at the counter. Many customers and nearby passers said that the female customer asked the girl to take the squishy doll hanging behind the counter.

The girl, who was busy with another paying customer, asked the woman to wait for a little while, since she was not in the queue. After that, the girl began to ask the woman if there’s anything she could help. However, the woman began to raise her voice.

Source: Twitter

The situation became more tense as the customer began to throw nasty words – calling the girl a slut – and recorded a video of her which caused the cashier to become furious and threw a board to the woman.

It didn’t stop there. During the meeting between both family members, the woman started to play victim, accusing the cashier off intending to harm her instead. She added that she did the same for police reports as well.


Source: Twitter

Upon her statement describing the actual scene, many netizens took side with the cashier, and bashed the woman for her actions instead.

It seems that the case now has reached a settlement as of today. A day after the incident, the female customer posted on her Facebook. In the post, she revealed that a meeting between the two parties was successfully held, ultimately closing the case.

Source: OhBulan!

Hopefully people can be respectful towards one another.

Sources: OhBulan!, Vocket.

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