Hong Kong protests may be dominating headlines, but the passing of 2 Hong Kong veteran TVB actresses has become a top trending topic on social media site Sina Weibo.

The 2 aforementioned stars are Ha Ping (also known as Teresa Ha 夏萍) and Lily Leung (also known as Leung Shun Yin 梁舜燕). They were aged 81 and 90 respectively.

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Godson Gordon Lam (林家棟) shared that Ha Ping (pictured right) had suffered various illnesses – including stroke and diabetes – over the past year. According to Gordon, Ha Ping (who passed away last Monday on 5th August) wanted him by her side during her final days.


Doctors used all sorts of methods to extend her life. Without them, Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強) and I wouldn’t have been able to rush back to Hong Kong in time to be with her during her last moments,” he was quoted as saying.

Ha Ping
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Lily, who drew her last breath yesterday (Tuesday, 13th August), was surrounded by family and loved ones when she departed. Many considered her to be one of the first actress to join Hong Kong television.

Well-known for her 1995 drama, “A Kindred Spirit” (真情), some of the actress’ recent work include “Fist Fight” (兄弟), “As Time Goes By” (好日子), and “Justice Bao The First Year” (包青天再起風雲).

Source: Jayne Stars.

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