Calling all boba tea fans, a brand new shop selling your favourite boba tea is coming to your area sometime soon!

Taiwanese-born boba tea shop, Raion (狮子堂) will be opening its first ever store in Malaysia. One of the interesting parts that catches our attention is the use of the lion as the icon for their cups, following trends like The Alley (deer) and Daboba (bear).

Source: KL Foodie

Offering seven series of beverages for everyone to choose from, Raion’s signature milk teas are usually brewed fresh. This is to ensure a splendid flavour they would offer for everyone to die for.


As recommended by KL Foodie, the top favourite drink to add in the list would be the Raion Brown Sugar Milk Oreo. The richness of the brown sugar milk merges well with the boba pearls. To top it off, the layered crushes of Oreo cookies adds more kick to the drink. This drink is a definite must-try for boba fans out there!

Source: KL Foodie

The exact date and venue hasn’t been unveiled yet, but the franchise will make their debut in September.

Source: KL Foodie.

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