Curious to know what’s going with Faizal Tahir? We’ve got the full scoop!

All of the questions and speculations were finally answered as the singer-songwriter attended the launch of his fifth and final album titled “Rojak”, at the TSR Tower in Petaling Jaya, last week.

Faizal Tahir during the launching party for his fifth and final album “Rojak”

The 41-year-old singer was seen very calm when asked about his recent announcement, and addressed the rumour about him retiring.


I never said that I am retiring! A lot of people out there misinterpreted that the final album signifies that I will be retiring from the industry. Last album does not mean that I am retiring. I love music so much, I would never leave music,” Faizal clarified.

Faizal Tahir (middle) performing his latest single “Ratu”

He also added there was never a plan to retire from the industry and stop making music for good. After this, he’s just going to “slow things down”.

There are several factors that made me come to this decision. One of them would be my growing family, another one is age factor. I am 41 this year, I’m afraid that I have not enough stamina to perform like in my younger days. Besides, I believe that right now is the best time for me to give back to the society,” the singer added.

The “Dirgahayu” singer also shared his views on the latest trend that is happening in the music industry today. According to Faizal, it’s getting more difficult to sell albums today, despite the amount of effort the team has put into producing the material.

Nowadays it’s getting more difficult to ensure good sales (for physical albums), as people now listen to music more on digital platforms online, which also can be one of the reason on why I made this final decision upon releasing the album.”

The younger generations now opt for digital platforms more nowadays. As you can see there are a lot of apps you can use to listen to your favourite songs like Spotify, Joox and also iTunes. They no longer buy physical albums,” Faizal explained.

Faizal Tahir pictured during interview session with the media.

During the session, he also shared with us what he will be up to right after the promotional cycle for the album ends. “I will be taking a short break after this. As of now I will focus on things that I think will leave a good and positive impact towards the people. For example, if I am invited to perform… (then) I would be more than happy to participate.”

Apart from that, he also plans to carry on taking part in humanitarian projects in the future, as well as continuing with his business ventures. “Basically, I enjoy exploring other ventures. Like recently I was involved with an app called “BIJAK” and invested a few, but if I feel that it is not worth it, I will stop. I don’t mind exploring different avenues,” Faizal told us.

Faizal Tahir pictured with frequent collaborators Ezra Kong (left), Mike Chan (right) and Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia.

Talking about the album “Rojak”, the album features a unique colourful compilation of track lists that are distinct from each other, much like our diverse Malaysian community. Hence, the name “Rojak” was chosen. Instead of focusing on a single genre, the album features different genres in its tracklists, ranging from genres like reggae (“Ragaman”) to powerful ballad (“Ratu”).

Specially dedicated to his fans as a final souvenir, the album also comes in a form of a special packaging. Dubbed as the “Rojak Box Set”, the special set contains the CD, and also exclusive contents such as sticker, phone grips, keychain and also special polaroids signed by the singer himself.

Pre-order for the box set will be opening anytime soon, and if fans are interested to own this limited edition set, do visit the website or follow Faizal Tahir’s official social media account for any updates.

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