Multi-award-winning Malaysian singer Faizal Tahir has shocked many of his fans yesterday when he revealed that his upcoming 5th album will also be his final album ever.

Aptly titled “Rojak”, the album features 9 tracks and the name symbolises the diverse culture in Malaysia from the people to the food and languages.


“All of us here in Malaysia, we are all rojak,” Faizal Tahir said in an interview. “Rojak people, rojak culture, rojak language – it’s just so beautiful. That is why I decided to call this album “Rojak” because it represents Malaysia.”

“One thing about this “Rojak” album, it’s actually my last album,” said the 40-year-old singer before the screen turns black.

Last week, Faizal Tahir has already teased fans about his final album when he revealed the tracklist in the form of images, encouraging fans to guess the title of each song.

Some of the songs from the new album include “Ragaman”, “Ratu”, “Fire & Water”, “Malaysia”, and more.

It is unsure if the last album would mean that the singer is officially retiring from the music industry or if he wants to focus producing music for other artists and explore into different entertainment area, similar to Altimet.

But a lot of fans as well as his celebrity friends are shocked and devastated by the news, with many saying that it is too soon for him to quit.



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