Malaysian celebrity entrepreneur Neelofa receives tons of backlash yesterday after she uploaded snippets of the new “Lion King” movie on her Instagram story.

As a famed fashion figure in Malaysia, Neelofa’s action was deemed as irresponsible as it sets a bad example to her 6 million followers on Instagram.



Many netizens called out her action and expressed their disappointment in her. Some even reported her to Disney as well as local cinema operators like TGV and GSC.

It is not sure if legal action has been taken on Neelofa but the 30 year-old Naelofar Hijab founder has apologised for her action which resulted from her “excitement”.

According to Neelofa, she has “no intention to dishonour the law relating to copyright” and her action is merely out of excitement and support for the movie.

“I hereby take full responsibility of my wrongdoing and do hope that others will also learn from this and we will be extra careful in the future,” she wrote.

Neelofa is not the first local celebrity who was called out publicly for illegal recordings in the cinema.

Previously, fellow hijab entrepreneur Vivy Yusof and singer Ara Johari were called out for recording “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Avengers: Infinity War” respectively.


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